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Monday, July 14, 2008

Spaktekel Ruined Castle Festival

The Spaktekel Ruined Castle Festival took place on the "Alte Bechburg" in Holderbank (SO) last Saturday. The "Alte Bechburg" is a picturesque location, secluded from any unwanted distraction and was a perfect place for this small but mighty festival. Despite the bad weather forecasts we were lucky and it rained only lightly and it soon stopped again.

MoneyPennySixPenny, an Irish / Scottish Folk band from Winterthur, were the first to storm the natural stage. They played a relaxing and varied set of traditional and modern tunes from Scotland and Ireland.

I observed Pornolé, the next act, from a distance because I forgot my earplugs and their Stoner Rock set was pretty hard and loud.

Then it was finally time for Des Koenigs Halunken. As main act of the evening they obviously attracted a big crowd, which was insofar problematic because the space in front of the stage was a) limited and b) extremely uneven, putting hard-core headbangers to the test and endangering people who were jumping around too ferociously. Despite these difficulties we had a fabulous time! The Halunken played a very entertaining set with a balanced mixture of rock and medieval market tunes. At the end everyone could answer the famous question "Who are the biggest scoundrels in the country?" "Des Koenigs Halunken!".

Attila Vural had the honor to play the last concert of the evening. Unfortunately many people had already left and missed the performance of this unbelievable guitar virtuoso. Listening to Attila Vural's music it is hard to believe that all he had at hand was a guitar, the pieces are so complex, varied and captivating. Even seeing isn't the same as believing, I was dazzled by the dexterity and speed he demonstrated playing the guitar. Because of the wet weather he brought only his eight string guitar along, however, to compensate for this he covered several well known songs or better said interpreted them anew. Time flew by and the 90 minutes he played seemed to have flown by. In short a fantastic concert by an exceptional talent.

As a rounding off the Burning Goatees performed a breathtaking fire show.

Despite the mediocre weather this day was a complete success!

Some impressions have found the way into my gallery.

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