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Monday, July 07, 2008

Medieval Spectaculum in Singen

On Sunday we (Rico, two friends and I) pilgrimaged to Singen (in the South of Germany) to take part in the Mittelalterlich Spectaculum. The Mittelalterlich Spectaculum is a traveling medieval fair featuring a market, jugglers, a show fight troupe, musicians, medieval food stalls and much more.
Similar to last year the weather was very modest with sun and rain going hand in hand. Nevertheless we had a great time looking at the different stalls and meeting many familiar faces from Switzerland.
The highlights of the day were the two long concerts by Die Streuner and Vermaledeyt.
Die Streuner are well known for their medieval drinking and naughty songs and they even brought their own fan club along.
Vermaledeyt on the other hand focus on powerful medieval folk with bag pipes, drums, pipes, cello, hurdy-gurdy and many more instruments. I enjoyed their show a lot and danced the whole time. After two encores they left the stage completely exhausted, by then even I was glad for the break ;).
On our way home the storm caught up with us and at times I could hardly see the road through the windshield. After a while the weather quieted and we got back safe and sound :).
Despite the weather the day was a success, however, with sunshine it would have been another perfect day.

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