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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scuba Diving Round the World

This year I have something very special up my sleeve. After almost one year of planning things are finally falling into place for my first Scuba Diving Trip around the World!
This map gives you a quick overview over my stops.
  1.  Utila, Honduras: To warm up ;) I visit the small and relaxed island Utila in the Caribbean Seas. It is well known for its whale shark sightings in early Autumn, right when I am going to be there :).
  2. Galapagos, Ecuador: The main reason for my trip, a two-week live aboard around the Galapagos Islands. Hammerhead Sharks, penguins, and much more are regularly sighted here.
  3. Easter Islands, Chile: Because my plane stopped there, I decided to stay a couple of days to visit the famous Moai statues (above and below water!).
  4. Rangiroa, French Polynesia: This remote place is well known for its big fishes in heavy current.
  5. Fiji: First a one week scuba diving on a live aboard and then two weeks island hopping with the Boola Pass.
  6. Great Barrier Reef, Australia: I have two weeks time to drive from Brisbane to Cairns and so far no clue what to do in that time, but I'm sure inspiration will strike once I'm getting closer ;). In Cairns there is another one week live aboard planned to the highlights of the Great Barrier Reef :)
 And all that in 111 days starting in early September :). I'll blog more once I'm on the road to share the highlights of this unbelievable trip!

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