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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Wall of Sharks of South Fakarava

The main reason I wanted to return to French Polynesia was to dive the fabled South Pass of the Fakarava Atoll.

This was the fourth stop on our trip. We anchored right next to the Channel, across from Tetamanu, which we visited during an afternoon off.

The most famous dive spot of Tumakohua Pass is the Wall of Sharks! A channel where dozens upon dozens of Grey Reef Sharks cruise around.

And that was definitely worth the long journey. It was amazing to see so many Sharks so closeby, undisturbed by our presence.

To top it off our dive ended in the "swimming pool" a very shallow area next to Tetamanu Beach, where young Blacktip Reef Sharks and two Napoleon Wrasses have found their home.

But we didn't even have to go that far to see Blacktip Reef Sharks. A detachment stayed constantly close to our boat, waiting for scraps.

As if this wasn't enough, the lagoon and surrounding islands are unbelievably beautiful!

A fantastic location with fantastic diving! Fakarava definitely made the list as one of my top 5 destinations!

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