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Friday, December 08, 2006

Theoretically I should be close to Singapore by now...

But, as usual, theory and practice are worlds apart. But one thing after another...
I arrived at the airport on time at 10am. Already then we were informed about technical problems which would delay our departure for Singapore. We received lunch vouchers (50.- CHF) and were told that more information would follow at 4pm.
What to do with so much time to kill? Luckily there was a fascinating exhibition by Marc Chagall and that whiled away the first hour. Then I went for Lunch, picking the most expensive item on the menu, maxing out my voucher :D. The food was excellent!
Now it was almost 4pm and there finally was a departure gate for my plane on the information panels. To save time I went to that place. However, once I arrived at Gate E we were informed to go back to the Transfer Desk in Gate A because, as we found out later, our flight hat to be canceled!
After queuing for another hour I received vouchers to go home and the following information:
The delay was caused by a faulty body gear strut. This problem could only be fixed with special tools, which had to be flown in from Frankfurt first! Because the repairs would take up to 6 hours and a departure before airport closure at midnight couldn't be guaranteed...
So I'll go to the airport again tomorrow morning hoping to start my vacation.


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