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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bottlenose Dolphins in Rangiroa

After the cold water conditions in Galapagos and Easter Island it was a real pleasure to dive in Rangiroa, where water temperatures were around 28° C. But I wasn't there for the water temperature, but rather for its reputation as one of the best dive spots to see Sharks. During my first dive I discovered that Rangiroa had much more to offer: A very nice reef with lots of fish in all shapes and sizes and a large group of Bottlenose Dolphins which were very friendly and even playful. Taking pictures underwater was a challenge due to the amount of fish swimming around ;)

I had the great luck to meet the Dolphins several times, the first two times they seemed preoccupied and were just swimming past us. But the next two times a couple of Dolphins got very close to us, performing tricks and posing for pictures ;)

Even though there were only two dive sites on this atoll, I never got bored. Every time there was something else to see. In addition I got the opportunity to do two deep dives to 42 m and 46 m, where we saw sleeping Grey Reef Sharks.

Another highlight of my stay at Rangiroa was a snorkeling trip to the Blue Lagoon. The Lagoon itself was not that special, but it was the place of a Blacktip Reef Shark Nursery and we spotted several baby Blacktip Reef Sharks swimming in very shallow water close to the shore and they looked just adorable! :)

At the end of the trip we could snorkel with bigger Blacktip Reef Sharks and while free-diving spot a Lemon Shark on the bottom.

Traveling to Rangiroa was definitely worth it, but I do have one regret, when I was there I learned that there was also very cool diving in another place in French Polynesia, the Fakarava atoll. So if you go to Rangiroa, make sure you also stop by Fakarava!

More pictures in my web album.

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