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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Movies on a Plane

Flying from London Heathrow to Los Angeles took eleven hours. So I had enough time to catch up on movies I missed at the cinema ;).
I saw:
  • The Lego Movie (brilliant!)
  • Winters Tale (not as detailed as the book, but still a very good adaption)
  • Her (very thought-provoking, with an unexpected ending)
  • The 100-year old who climbed out the window and disappeared (funny and entertaining)
  • Police Story 2013 (not as good as Jackie's earlier movies, but still entertaining)
What I didn't do was sleep a lot, so I was thoroughly tired once I reached the Hostel. Unfortunately, I was assigned a "party"-room, where everyone stayed up late but frequently came through the room to use the restroom, so the night wasn't as relaxing as it could have been.

Nevertheless, it was an interesting start into my vacation :)

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  • Everything is awesome! ;-)

    By Anonymous Regina, at 6:46 AM  

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