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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Diving the Liberty Wreck in Tulamben

I had just one day of diving in Bali, because my trip to Komodo starts the next day. So on Saturday I walked into the first dive shop I found on the internet and asked if they had anything planned. The only option was Tulamben. Even though I had been there two times before (in 2006 and in 2011) and it meant a 2.5 hours transfer each way, I signed up.

Later when I checked my downloaded Caches, I was extremely happy to see there was a diving Multi-Geocache!

Our first dive was at the wreck and even though it looked like there were dozens to hundreds divers around, we found a lucky timeslot, where we were almost alone in the water. The wreck seemed to have fallen in quite a lot since the last time I was here, but since I can't find any picture evidence for this, it might just be a trick of my mind. What was fun though, was that the one huge Barracuda, which was there the last two times, still hangs around the wreck :)

Our second dive was at the drop off, where we spotted a Harlekin Ghostpipefish, a large Spanish Mackerel and much more.

After the dive we had a break, which I used to walk to the final of the Geocache and I was able to claim my third geocache in Indonesia :).

The last dive of the day took us from the wreck along the house reef to the coral garden. The fish live was surprisingly varied. Highlight was a stingray at a cleaning station. 

In addition there were a lot of man-made installations which should help the reef grow. The one I remember most, a skeleton that looked like a plane was still there, although it lost its wings.

The plane in 2011
The plane in 2016

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