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Friday, November 21, 2003

What a Day!

In the morning I received an SMS, telling me that Trapt would play a concert (which was already sold out) as opening act for The Rasmus tonight, and I didn't have a ticket! Luckily found someone who had a spare one. After 1 hour of queuing I finally made it into the main hall, where the concert had already started. After a cool concert Trapt were giving autographs, since I was there early (The Rasmus was still playing encores), I got the chance to chat a bit with them. Because they weren't allowed to sell merchandise (I don't exactly know why), they distributed a couple of CD's, T-Shirts and Posters for free. I managed to grab a Poster and a CD and I got them both signed.
After both concerts were over there was a "100% New Rock" Party, but the blend wasn't good, way too much subwoofer and the club was half empty...

Thursday, November 20, 2003


Muse played a terrific gig at Wettingen. The light- and video show was awesome, the crowd was going mad and every song they played was a hit. Afterwards I was knackered and completely drenched in sweat.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003


We talked about Haiku in our English class, here my first try:

Kill Bill Volume One
Tarantino's newest film
which you should see too

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Back again

I've been very busy lately with school, but I'll try to write more soon. Here is a breakdown of what I've been up to lately:

Thu Oct, 16: Saw Kill Bill Vol. 1. Terrific movie can't wait for the conclusion

Sun Oct, 19: Was at a fantastic concert. P.M.T. and Treekillaz were the opening acts for Clawfinger. The Abart was sold out and the crowd was going mad.

Mon Oct, 20: My first day at the University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur, where I'm gonna study 'Communication and IT', was easy, lots of listening (information about what we're gonna do in the next 3 years) and an English test to evaluate our knowledge (piece of cake).

Sat Oct, 25: A live-roleplaying game with Mafia as a main theme took place in Linthal (CH). 30 people from Switzerland and Germany played various characters who are associated with the Swiss, German or Russian branch of the Mafia (Camorra). I played an undercover agent from the Swiss government. Unfortunately my cover was exposed during the events of the evening, through my quick-wittedness I managed this live-threatening scenario by committing myself to work as a double-agent, although I had other plans in mind. Later in the evening I blackmailed 1'000'000.- from a senior member of the Swiss Mafia promising him a tape which would reveal his murdering of the Russian advance party, in the end I gave him a blank tape (because I traded the original earlier on to save my live).
The evening ended with a bomb explosion, which killed over half of the present people, including all the senior Mafia leaders present. I escaped with my live and took refuge on a small island in the South Seas, hoping that the Camorra won't come after me
I had a terrific evening and I'm looking forward to the next event, even if this means that I have to travel to Germany.

Fri Oct, 30: The first 2 weeks of school are over. The toughest subjects so far are Geometry (in total we have 8 lessons of Maths and Geometry) and Physics. The computer based subjects are very interesting even though we had mainly theory so far.

Wednesdays: I started taking Aikido lessons. It is very interesting and I feel really good that I'm doing sports again.

Thu Nov 6: Matrix Revolutions: I really liked this movie, it follows the read thread, which was established in the first and expanded in the second movie. The mixture between story elements and action scenes is more balanced than in 'Reloaded', and the ending is IMHO very logical and justifiable, even though some won't like it. There's still a lot of room left to discuss what's going to happen next, and it is kind of an open ending, which enables a 4th part, even though I don't think the Wachowski's will do one. If you liked Matrix (1) and understood, what was happening in 'Reloaded' then you should go and see 'Revolutions' and form your own opinion.

Sat Nov 15: Another fantastic concert, this time in the 'Kulturfabrik' in Wetzikon. The lineup consisted of 3 Swiss bands. First was Labia, a young band I know personally. They play a fantastic mixture of Metal, Alternative, Funk and a lot more. Next was Refuel, their music was a little bit softer but still very cool. The main act was Treekillaz, who played another fantastic set.

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