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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Elfish @ Männedorffest

During the research for my Best of Swiss Underground playlist I visited elfish's homepage and just happened to see that they played a concert the same evening!

The gig was part of Männedorf's village fête and the first time I've seen elfish live in almost a year. Despite the hot temperatures they played a terrific concert mixing old favorites from their CD Don't Ask Why with a handful of new songs which range from quiet meditative pieces to rocky party tunes.

I'm looking forward to visit another show once I'm back in Switzerland and to listen to many more new songs :)

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Best of Swiss Underground

I'm a big supporter of Swiss Bands, especially young ones who play cool music but haven't managed to make a break-through yet. So before going to the US I wanted to compile a playlist featuring songs from my favorite Swiss bands (one apiece).

Here goes:

2Idiot TalkSidewalkpoetsRevenge is Sweet
3ConsequenceMarylaneDemo CD
4I want YouElfishDon't ask why
5Something SpecialZhivagoZhivago
6InnocentColdeveSuper Himalaya
7King KongHenchmanUnmistaken
8Lost in TranslationFisherFisher
9SupermarketMy Name is GeorgeWow!
10Garden of SerenityTreekillazLeaving last
11The Chosen OneTempestaFulltime Joker - Fill the Void
12HeadtrashBackwashKick Ass!
13Child LikeLordrenLord of the Damned
14ShivaLabiaTake It
15Weird Dreams5 Pound Pocket UniverseHow to Kill an Elf
16Real WorldGrandmother's GrooveFemale Rockerz Club
17Always the SameEclectic Subtle TonesA Long Way to Go
18In Fuund Al TavulThe Vad VucThe Vad Vuc & Little Orchestra
19Arthur Darley Goes TamlinAn LárSnapshot

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

30'000 Songs Scrobbled since 22nd September 2006

It's been a while since I last posted about my number of scrobbled songs.

But since I arrived at 30'000 songs and seems to have a hiccup, hiding my list of milestone songs from my journal page, I figured I could keep a backup on my blog ;)

So here goes:
  • Song 30'000: Travelling by Marylane (on June 6.)
  • Song 29'000: What Are You Waiting For? by Coldeve (on May 9.)
  • Song 28'000: Forever And A Day by An Lár (on April 12.)
  • Song 27'000: Vondern in Not by Duivelspack (on March 19.)
  • Song 26'000: The Encounter by Tan Dun (on March 2.)
  • Song 25'000: Sabrina by elfish (on February 7.)
  • Song 24'000: The Only Living Boy in New York by Simon & Garfunkel (on January 15.)
  • Song 23'000: Man on the Moon by R.E.M. (on December 21.)
  • Song 22'222: Saving Us by Serj Tankian (on December 4.)
  • Song 22'000: Mad World by Gary Jules (on November 30.)
  • Song 21'000: The Tide Turns (Suite) by Danny Elfman
  • Song 20'000: Der Schneck by Die Streuner
  • Song 19'000: This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm on This Song by System of a Down
  • Song 18'000: Amerika Git's Nid by Züri West
  • Song 17'000: Off To California, The Silver Spire by Rapalje
  • Song 16'000: The Waiting Room by Sixpence None the Richer
  • Song 15'000: Dead Already by Thomas Newman
  • Song 14'000: i can't stand many things by grandmother's groove
  • Song 13'000: Hide me by Coldeve
  • Song 12'000: Herr Mannelig by In Extremo
  • Song 11'111: Without a Trace by Labia
  • Song 11'000: Kinky Kamikaze by P.M.T
  • Song 10'000: Bohemian Polka by "Weird Al" Yankovic
  • Song 9'000: Afrikaan Beat by Bert Kaempfert
  • Song 8'000: Plan B by Henchman
  • Song 7'000: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Marilyn Manson

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Renaissance Dancing

Today I attended a Renaissance Dancing class in Lenzburg organized by Andreas Rutschmann. We learned several different dances such as Hole in the Wall (an English Country Dance), Branle Cassandre (a Folk Dance from the north of Spain), "Lass den Lenz uns Grüssen" (an old dance from Germany). It was a terrific experience and I can recommend these events to anyone with a liking for dancing. The next course will be held on September 21st again in Lenzburg.

A couple of impressions can be found in my gallery.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Games by John Kovalic Meme

John Kovalic posted a list with all the games he created and/or illustrated on his blog. I was astonished to see how many of the games I had already played, so here is my personal list:

The way it works: Bold games you own, italicize games you played, asterisk games that are on your "to buy" list.

10 Days in Africa (Out of the Box)
10 Days in the USA (Out of the Box)
10 Days in Asia (Out of the Box)
10 Days In Europe( Out of the Box)
Abandon Ship (Dragon Magazine)
aBRIDGEd (Out of the Box)
Apples to Apples Party Box/Crate (Out of the Box)
Apples to Apples Expansion Box 1 (Out of the Box)
Apples to Apples Expansion Box 2 (Out of the Box)
Apples to Apples Jr. (Out of the Box)
Apples to Apples Jr 8+ (Out of the Box)
Apples to Apples Biblical (Out of the Box)
Apples to Apples British Islands Out of the Box)
Apples to Apples British Islands, Jr. (Out of the Box)
Backseat Drawing (Out of the Box)
Basari (Out of the Box)
Blink (Out of the Box)
Bosworth (Out of the Box)
Button Men: Dork Victory (Cheapass Games)
Chain Game(Out of the Box)
Chez Dork (Steve Jackson Games)
Chez Geek (Steve Jackson Games)
Chez Geek II (Steve Jackson Games)
Chez Geek III (Steve Jackson Games)
Chez Goth (Steve Jackson Games)
Chez Greek (Steve Jackson Games)
Chez Grunt (Steve Jackson Games)
Cineplexity(Out of the Box)
Cloud 9 (Out of the Box)
CoverUp (Out of the Box)
Creatures and Cultists
Creepyfreaks (WizKids)
Dead and Breakfast (Dragon Magazine)
Dork Frag (Steve Jackson Games)
Dork 20 (Atlas)
Dork Tower: The Boardgame (Steve Jackson Games)
Dungeonville (Z-Man Games)
Easy Come, Easy Go (Out of the Box)
Escape From Elba (Cheapass Games)
Fish Eat Fish (Ou (Out of the Box)t of the Box)
Gold Digger (Out of the Box)
Illuminati: New World Order (Steve Jackson Games)
INWO: Assassins (Steve Jackson Games)
Kobolds Ate My Baby (Ninth Level Games)
Kobolds Ate My Baby Super Deluxx Edition (Dork Storm Press)
Letter Flip (Out of the Box)
Letter Roll (Out of the Box)
Mag*Blast 3rd Edition (Fantasy Flight)
MixUp (Out of the Box)
Munchkin (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin II (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin III (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin IV (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin V (Steve Jackson Games)
* Munchkin VI (Steve Jackson Games) *
Munchkin Bites (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin Bites II (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin Blender (Steve Jackson Games)
* Munchkin Booty (Steve Jackson Games) *
Munchkin Cthulhu (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin Cthulhu II (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin Cursed Deck Demo (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin D20 (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin Dice (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin Impossible (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin Stacked Deck Demo (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin, Star (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin, Star II (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin, Super (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin, Super II (Steve Jackson Games)
Munchkin, The Good The Bad and the Munchkin (Steve Jackson Games)
* Munchkin Quest (Steve Jackson Games) *
My Dwarfs Fly (Pegasus Spiel)
My Word! (Out of the Box)
* Ninja Versus Ninja (Out of the Box) *
Party Pooper (Out of the Box)
Pepper (Out of the Box)
PokeTHULHU RPG (Dork Storm Press)
Quitch (Out of the Box)
Revolver (Ronin Arts)
Rock (Out of the Box)
ShapeUp (Out of the Box)
ShipWrecked (Out of the Box)
Snorta (Out of the Box)
Squint (Out of the Box)
Squint Jr. (Out of the Box)
Tutankhamen (Out of the Box)
Wallamoppi (Out of the Box)
Warhamster Rally (Jolly Roger)
Whad'Ya Know (Out of the Box)
Wheedle (Out of the Box)
Wild Side (Out of the Box)
ZenBenders - Dragon (Out of the Box)
ZenBenders - Dog (Out of the Box)
ZenBenders - Racetrack (Out of the Box)

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Treacle Mine Road Saga: The Pictures

My pictures of the Treacle Mine Road Saga VI can be found in my gallery.

The day after the play I spent wandering around Vienna. I visited Schloss Schönbrunn and the inner city. Pictures of this excursion can also be found in my gallery.

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