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Monday, July 21, 2008

In Bruges

Yesterday I saw In Bruges in the cinema. Two hit men are sent to Bruges in Belgium to take cover after a job in London went wrong. Whereas Ken enjoys the sights in this medieval town, Ray is still pained by pangs of remorse and is wondering what he should do in a "shit-hole" like Bruges. But after meeting Chloƫ, a Belgian drug dealer, his outlook seems to change a bit. If only their boss would finally call to instruct them about their next move...

In Bruges is a fantastic movie which manages to bridge the gap between hilarious dark comedy and drama, without the later sliding into the ridiculous. Colin Farrel and Brendan Gleeson deliver a perfect and extremely believable performance. This is probably the best movie I've seen this year and the ending is simply wonderful (i.e. not your standard happy ending). However, a word of warning for the faint of heart, in the second half of the movie the action does pick up and there are several long pursuits and a good deal of blood.


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