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Saturday, August 02, 2008

First day in Pittsburgh

We dedicated the first day to get things organized and so we moved from the hotel to the student dormitory, where we can stay till August, 10th, we got our student id cards made, looked at a first apartment and spoke to our program representatives.

In the evening we wanted to relax in a cinema. Since Wall-E was only showing in the afternoon we picked Wanted as our alternate movie. Unfortunately we got at bit confused about the location of the cinema and we ended on the wrong side of town, but with asking around we did find another cinema. However, Wanted wasn't shown there so we picked The Dark Knight as our altenate alternate program :)

The cinema was called South Side Works, a multiplex with ten screens which reminded me strongly of the cinema in Boulder, Colorado (it had the exact same layout and infrastructure!).
It was the fourth screening of the day and the floor looked accordingly.

The Dark Knight was a very cool movie with lots of unexpected twists and surprises. Even though the film lasts two hours and twenty minutes it was interesting throughout.

Since the movie started at 9.40pm we left the cinema at 12.20am, which was way after our last bus was supposed to run. We still tried our luck at the bust stop and even though we saw buses going in the other direction none came to pick us up. In the end we had to grab a cab to avoid walking home.

Even though we didn't end up where we wanted to go, it was an interesting evening which brought us closer to getting to know the city :)

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