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Friday, December 15, 2006

Cat Island...

... also known as Gili Trawangan. Honestly, there were almost more cats than people around! But I didn't just go there for Cat-Spotting, I went there for diving. The four dives I did were nice but not breathtakingly spectacular. A lot of corals have been ruined through dynamite fishing and the result can be seen below and above water. There are small pieces of coral everywhere on the beach, ruining the experience of relaxing there.
The first dive (yesterday) was a deep drift dive. We went down to 31.4 metres and there were some nice corals around, almost no fishes though. On the second dive we spotted a pygmy seahorse! The third dive (this morning) took place at shark point and of course there were no sharks in sight... but we saw two big turtles. The last dive took place during a heavy storm and went to the Bounty wreck which had an interesting swim-through. The highlight though was the Octopus walking along the reef.
Gili Trawangan was very nice and quiet. There are no cars or motorcycles on the island. The transport of choice is horse-cart, bicycle or by foot. Yesterday I walked all the way around the island within two hours, including me getting lost at first (I walked in a big circle). Another thing that's remarkable about the island is the fact that there's no police and thus drugs are legal. There was plenty of opportunity to buy weed and magic mushrooms, but I saved my money and spent it on pearls grown in Lombok :)

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