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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stopover in Bali

The plane to Bali had the same entertainment system, so I could watch the end of Miami Vice, followed by Night Listener.
I was surprised how, effortlessly we got out of Bali airport. I received a visa and passed passport control within 5 minutes. And my bag was already waiting for me by the time I arrived at baggage retrieval. The customs officer wasn't interested in the contents of my big bag (which was locked by a security mesh) and just glanced at my hand luggage.
A taxi and a Bemo (minibus) took me to Padangbai. The first place I walked into there was a dive-shop :).
And so I went for two dives yesterday. They were fantastic! I spotted some new fishes and even saw a white-tipped reef-shark! The water temperature varied between 22 and 28 Celsius and it got pretty cold down there.
Bali, however, was not yet my final destination and a ferry took me today to Lombok. Where we encountered heavy rainstorms. Fortunately they didn't last for long.

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